About us

Ricicle Cards is a British brand established in January 2020 creating exciting, contemporary and beautiful greeting cards.

For our founder, David Nichols-Rice, an occasion just isn't an occasion without cards. And actually, why should you even need an occasion?! Colours, textures, beautiful foils - there's no better way to show someone you care. From his 'no birthday card, no entry' policy at his third birthday party to his delightful glee at getting things in the post, David's pervasive (some might say "enveloping"!) passion for cards is brought to life in every aspect of the company. There’s a touch of fun and joy with every design and we’re excited to share them with you.

A little from David: "My granny and I used to write to each other, pen pal style. We'd exchange cards, notes, illustrated letters - I loved it. I love that feeling of getting to surprise someone with post, making a connection, sparking joy. There's so much warmth and thought behind it. Why cards especially? I love the feel of cards - the luxury, the fine detail and, ultimately, the power and love behind the message. Establishing Ricicle Cards has given me the opportunity to share in and create these beautiful moments for others and that really is a dream come true."

We proudly print every card in England, using GF Smith papers milled in the Lake District. We also care deeply about this little planet of ours, so all of the materials we use are FSC certified. Our cards are packed using 100% recyclable materials too.